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A Metro-What?

November 6, 2008
No, not that metrosexual.

No, not that sexual.

A metrosexual, silly. In short, a guy who’s a little too concerned about his appearance than traditionally accepted. No, this is not Metro Gaymer. I like them boobs and asses just like the next guy. For a good reference, see Wikipedia’s entry on metrosexuals or David Beckham.

I’m Shiro and this is my introductory post to Metro Gamer. This is my attempt at voicing out my opinion on games, hobbies, lifestyles, and the stuff that everyone seems to blog about these days.

I’ve always wanted to keep a blog. I’ve got a lot of stuff in my head that I consider blog-worthy, specially about MMORPGs. Hopefully, I’ll update regularly and not get sucked in I’m-playing-and-can’t-be-bothered-to-logoff land. It helps that the company I work for gives me lots of time to spare.

Now about the theme – how interesting would a gaming blog about a metro-something be? I obviously can’t be the judge of that (I’m in love with myself, remember? Ed: And my girlfriend, as advised), but hopefully my spin on things can mildly entertain someone.

This blog will tackle the hardships of balancing time between running Nordenwatch in WAR and doing my 4th curl superset, the life-threatening choice between raiding and hair products, and the difficulty of going on a diet or eating a bag of chips while fragging. Mind-blowing content that’s sure to tickle your fancy (c’mon, work with me here).

I’m obviously not focused enough to make a nice lengthy introduction, but you catch my drift, don’t ya? I can’t promise daily or even weekly posts but sure as hell will try.

Stick around and stay stylish.

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