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Live Life the MMORPG Way

November 7, 2008

Let’s face it. No matter how much we try to deny it, we can be really geeky sometimes. Hobbies, preferences, entertainment – a lot of them are made up of what could be called “geeky” in society. This translates into our everyday activities and somehow develops a mindset for things we normally do.

Role-playing games (RPG) and massively multiplayer online RPGs have been the subject of many geek jokes for a while now, but if you think hard enough, you can learn a lot from these games.

Patterning your mindset in life through MMORPG systems can actually help if you’re finding yourself unmotivated or just plain forgetful. Try making a system for yourself and see how it might help you.

Here are just some examples of how you can live life like an MMORPG:

At Work:

  • New at your job? Everyone starts at Profession Level 1. Grind well and look forward to the next promotion! You’ll love your new skills and get more loot.
  • Got a tough project? Enlist the aid of your party members (your co-workers). Going solo? Toughen up and use your best skills. Brainstorm Level 10, Diligence Up, and Creativity Juice works wonders against the “Deadline” Boss Monster.
  • Applying for a job? Make sure you have the right skill set for it. Study well, maximize your stats, and don’t be late for your interview. Once you get the job, you’ll be earning your own gold and finally stop leeching from your parents.

Staying fit:

  • Want to look better? Hit the gym or run a few blocks around your neighborhood. Doing so will raise your Stamina, Agility, Strength and more. Those hot Elf chicks and Warrior studs will want you in their party.
  • Remember what they say about drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day? It really helps, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Just think that every time you drink a glass of water, your experience bar fills up. At 8 or more glasses, your fitness level goes up!

Life in General:

  • Having trouble saving money? Just recall those days when you scrounged up every ounce of copper, silver and gold to buy that awesome sword you saw at the auction house. More funds give you more opportunities to level up in life.
  • Growing old? Think of your age as your Base Level. You get bragging rights for reaching higher levels than those newbies in the lower levels. Plus you get more gold than they do. Ha!
  • Making an investment? Those who are afraid of upgrading their armors past +9 will never get +10. Some gambles can cost you and some will pay off. Just be sure to learn the pros and cons and you’ll make an informed choice every time.
  • Afraid of the Dentist? Even the toughest warriors need to get their health replenished and equipment repaired. Be true to your teeth now or they will become false in the future.
  • Lazy? Nobody gained a level sitting in town, begging for money. Go out, do stuff, learn more, and do your best!

Anyone can apply these tips to everyday chores and even life-changing decisions. It’s up to you to make your choices and level up in the game of life. Got any fun ideas about living the MMORPG way? Leave a comment and share your ideas!

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