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Sunday Recap

November 9, 2008
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What have I been up to this past week?

– Finished a few writeups for work. More copies to write come tomorrow.

– Started a new blog. Shameless.

Squatted 190lbs. and bench pressed 160lbs. Did an abdominal workout circuit. Spent the rest of the day in the fetal position.

– Played a lot of Warhammer Online and loving the Warrior Priest class. Reached 200+ RvR kills and fell off the Festenplatz cliff in T1. Hilarity ensued.

– Bought a new sofa bed. The old one was killing me. Did a lot of rearranging in the process.

– Tried out Pet Society at Facebook (courtesy of the girlfriend). Mind-numbingly cute and has a ‘Trophy’ system reminiscent of WoW Achievements and WAR Tome of Knowledge unlocks.

– Played the PS3 Mirror’s Edge demo. Seems promising.

– Checked around for a new computer. Will probably save up more to get a decent rig. Will accept donations.

Managed to stick to his diet.

So much can happen in a week yet it seems to go by like a whirlwind. This coming week is no exception, what with Santa Claus the Lich King coming to town. And I *still* don’t have The Burning Crusade. Curses.


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