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Cecillia, The Warrior Priest

November 10, 2008

I play a Warrior Priest on the Ironclaw Oceanic server in Warhammer Online. Before I even bought my copy, I’ve been reading Wizards & Wenches at work and immediately fell in love with the described class mechanic. Regis’ excellent intro to Warrior Priests just had me at ‘hello’.

You swing a huge hammer around like a maniac, build up ‘Righteous Fury’, and heal your comrades with it. Boy, what I would give to swing a hammer around SM Megamall during convention weekends and build up some of my own fury. You’re a healer that has to get into the melee mix in order to heal, you’re a badass Sigmarite fanatic and you’re fucking nuts about healing!


Stop. Hammer time.

Warrior Priests look aesthetically pleasing as well; wearing cloth and some medium armor on, ornate one and two-handed hammers and can even equip a book. Go crazy and literally bible-thump your opponents into submission. The hype got to me, I bought the game and proceeded to concoct my own badass cocktail.

The fruit of my labor is Cecillia, neophyte WP who somehow lost an eye but kept her stylish ‘do in place (her younger days were detailed in my earlier entry). After a couple of ranks, I got a bit tired of bashing Norse faces in. Mostly because my laptop was chugging in Nordland. I tried rolling a White Lion and a Sorceress on another server. They were fun for a while but I found myself gravitating back to Cecillia.

Finally I found a graphic setting that somehow worked and got Cecillia to Rank 4. I encountered my first champion mob, took part in some interesting quests, and got my taste of the Chapter 1 Public Quest: Raven Host Vanguard in Grimmenhagen.

I first ran it solo. Taking out the stage 1 mobs, healing myself if needed and laying the smackdown on their candy asses. Then stage 2 began and all hell broke loose. Armored Chaos guys were coming in droves as some other NPCs dudes were getting killed. I found myself some guys to run the PQ with and we got to stage 3, we- holy crap what is this guy?

See Archmage getting squished.

Argog shows off his Blahniks to an unsuspecting Archmage.

I’ve read before that PQs were fun but I didn’t expect this creature to just burst out of the ground and pound us. I was dropping HoTs over my guys and whacking the living daylights out of the big dude. Adrenaline pumping, hammer-swinging fun. I got 1st in contribution and got a green bag with some goodies inside. I was proud. From then on, I go on Region chat to LFG for PQs. Cecillia is a PQ-whore. I may not remember who I grouped with, but your companionship is greatly appreciated.

At Rank 8, I started visiting New Emskrank and got into taking objectives. WAR isn’t everywhere, but the pocket skirmishes kept me wanting more. Cecillia first encountered a Chaos Zealot in the Harvest Shrine. He/she was level 11 and we got into a scuffle. We kept at it for a few until we realized no one was dying. A while later, said Zealot came back but seemed smaller. Turns out, he/she leveled up and got turned into a chicken. Free kill~

Cecillia meets many formidable opponents in both RvR and scenarios. Immovable Black Orcs, brave Marauders, and deliciously sexy DANGEROUS Witch Elves. She bravely rushes into combat, helps Order take back objectives, and sit pretty in town. Though still learning the art of breaking heads, Cecillia held her ground, healed people, killed, and got killed. Killed dead.

While AFKing in a warcamp, I got a whisper. A dapper fellow named Aurilian wanted to invite Cecillia into the guild Ancient Order of Asuryan. Now what would an MMO be without people to band with? I joined the guild because of Aurilian’s polite demeanor and stylish (and pointy) fashion sense. Alas, my time with the guild was short and I joined fellow filipinos in Sanduguan. I haven’t done any guildy stuff due to work but it will come. I’m enjoying the journey and I’m not in a hurry to reach cap.

I’m now at Rank 11, Renown Rank 10. I love the game, or at least the parts of it that work on my laptop. WAR isn’t everywhere, but if you go looking for it, you’ll find it. I thought I was burned out on MMORPGs after Lineage II but WAR gave me the newbie feeling back again. I might keep a subscription, but who knows. I look forward to the PQs, scenarios, dungeons, higher tiers, and what the futures holds for WAR, for Cecillia.

Hopefully it won’t hinder Shiro’s quest for washboard abs.

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  1. November 12, 2008 3:59 pm


  2. November 12, 2008 4:28 pm

    Everyone loves the hammer ❤

  3. Santino permalink
    November 13, 2008 1:31 pm

    Nice write up, I also got a Warrior Priest on Ironclaw, name, Santino. Hes rank 15 and i also got 29 Swordmaster, Aenir there. You sound fun to play with, so send me a tell some time and well hammer some heretic skulls.

  4. November 13, 2008 2:01 pm

    Will do, brother. I’m always happy to find someone to PQ and smash pumpkins with.


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