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Stylin’ and Gamin’

November 20, 2008
You handsome devil, you.

You handsome devil, you.

Does gaming have to be synonymous with obesity, neckbeards, basement-dwelling, and poor grooming?

Joey, a good friend of mine, was adequately surprised when she chanced upon my blog. “Metrosexual gamer???,” she asked me in a perfect triumvirate of question marks, like it was an oxymoron.

When you say gamer, most people think of a socially-inept, glasses-wearing overweight adolescent who plays on his Nintendo all day long. They can’t help it. Stereotypes exist because of the people who portray these archetypes. In the course of your hardcore fragfests, item hunting, and heroic raids, you forgo real-life basic necessities like hygiene, grooming, and health. Hungry? Cheetos. Thirsty? Mountain Dew. Need to take a leak? Mountain Dew bottle. And don’t get me started on this shit. Racing Wasabi? Go climb a wall of dicks. MMORPGs in particular have also portrayed a negative zombie image for gamers to the media. I mean, how do you kill that which has no life?

It takes a lot of effort to stay in shape and have a good sense of style, but with all the burning passion for obtaining the best gear and grinding for hours on end, why can’t we put that effort into ourselves? I’ve mentioned a dozen of ways on how to live better as a gamer and all it takes is a goal; in this case a carrot on a stick, and the discipline to work towards it, which is effectively grinding. See how that adds up?

Now you might be thinking, “You’re just being superficial, it’s the inside that counts.” In some cases, yes. But if you don’t respect yourself and your body enough, how can you expect others to respect you? Call it vanity, call it metrosexuality, but I want to look good, feel good, and improve myself. I want to reach the next level, put on better equipment, and become somebody. Contrary to some beliefs, appearances DO have an impact on how people deal with you and how decisions are made.

We humans base a lot of our decisions on visual cues. If I were approached by someone neat and fit, I’d have a good impression of him/her immediately. On the other hand, if a dude lurched toward me in an oversized band shirt and untidy long hair, I’d dismiss any facts that he was nice and/or smart. Fetch me a broom, because I’m making sweeping generalizations here, but you can’t deny that it happens. And why shouldn’t it apply to gamers?

I think it’s time we all put some effort into RL. Cut a few minutes off your console to comb your hair or take a shower. Spend a few moments choosing the right belt to match your shoes. Have some water instead of your ‘dew. Maybe even try out that newfangled running outside. Just a tiny bit of self-consciousness could go a long way for your looks. You don’t even have to sacrifice your gaming hours for it. Why not do a few pushups while you’re in queue for Tor Anroc? Jogging in Azeroth sounds like a good idea.

While I’m not claiming that I have the perfect balance between no-lifer and dedicated gamer, I am doing my best to stay fit and look good without leaving out the fun of gaming. Sure, I’ve skipped a meal or two for a game, we all probably have. The important thing to keep in mind is to respect yourself. Get a nice haircut, put on some nice clean clothes, lose some inches – give it try. Like WoW class balancing, things don’t happen overnight, but I assure you – you’ll feel better. C’mon, get stylish.

Finally, a brofist for all you bros.

……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
……….”…\………. _.·´

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  1. xochine permalink
    November 22, 2008 2:42 am

    Great read bro! Keep fighting the good fight!!


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