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Stop Getting Pissed Over Little Things

November 25, 2008
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While aimlessly wandering through my feeds, one particular article from LifeHack caught my attention. It’s simple, but what he’s saying is right. Why should I let the little things bug me? Brian from StartBreaKingFree says that when sweat the small stuff you 1.) Look like an idiot, 2.) Are only hurting yourself and 3.) You need to look for something to be grateful about. Reading more into it, I figured that it just about sums a lot of things in life. Personally, I think us gamers can benefit from such words.

Right now – let’s be happier. Let’s not complain about how HotFlames33 the Bright Wizard toasted you for the 12th time today. Let’s stop complaining about getting nerfed to the ground, baby. Don’t mind that asshole who totally stole your kill or looted your corpse. Let’s not even mind the fact that the contribution system is fucked up, Warrior Priests that heal/don’t heal, or that someone else cleared all Wrath content faster than you. No, let’s be happy. Let’s look for the silver lining in these clouds. The devs will find a solution because they know something’s wrong, or imbalanced. The assholes will lrn2play or karma plays its course. You’ll be thankful for the time you didn’t spend grinding and reaching world firsts. There’s always something to be thankful about.

Yes, even getting poorly low frame rates in RvR/Scenarios is a thing of beauty. It shows you how… how…

Screw this, I’m gonna punch someone in the face.

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  1. xochine permalink
    November 26, 2008 2:28 am

    HA!! I now know the name of my BW, if I ever roll one.

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