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Writer’s Block and Laptop Woes

November 25, 2008

Having to write a 93,000-word project has its effects. If you’ve noticed, I had nothing to write for a couple of days and with no Sunday Recap, too. Typing all that and having a little too much WAR on Sunday effectively turned me into a zombie. Really, I have several drafts that I’ve trashed because they all lacked something. As I’m writing this, I backspace and I delete stuff. There, I just deleted another paragraph.

I’m stuck in an office chair right now, 4:33PM on a Tuesday afternoon. I’m just counting the minutes till I get off work and go home and dread as tomorrow repeats the whole job thing. It doesn’t help that all I write about at work are MMORPGs and I end up with nothing left for Metro Gamer. To de-stress, I played a whole day of WAR.

Why did I play too much WAR, anyway? I was trying out the Tier 2 PQs with pick-up warbands and zerged most of chapter 6-8. I was also trying out Mourkain Temple, Phoenix Gate, and the Reikland Factory scenarios. All these were learning experience for me, to say the least. A keep was under attack and I attempted to defend it.

But it sucked so much, all of it.

No, not because of some balance issues. Not because I kept getting owned. Not even because of how long it took to queue for Reikland. It was because all of it was in choppy, frame skipping goodness.

Meet an opposing warband – freeze. Hero mob spawns – freeze. Scenario pops up – loading screen for 3 minutes. I nearly popped a vein when I was about to take down a Sorceress when everything just stood still.

@#)!@$#)($ laptop!

Oh wait, I just pressed the Windows key. Screw this, I’m logging off. Mind you, exiting the game takes 5 minutes or more to return to the desktop.

Moving along, my WAR subscription is expiring some time today. I’m probably not going to resub until I get a new PC. It’s bad for my health.

Maybe I should just try logging in to WoW first. Oh, cool new mail. What… AWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Happy 4th, Wow!

Happy 4th, Wow!

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  1. November 26, 2008 3:50 pm

    It doesn’t help that all I write about at work are MMORPGs and I end up with nothing left for Metro Gamer.

    I’m intrigued… are you the copy writer for the back boxes of WoW’s next expansion? A full time critic of MMOs at large? The MMO guy at GameSpot (does GameSpot HAVE an MMO guy?)

  2. November 26, 2008 8:39 pm

    Copy writer, yes. Not as profound as your examples, though. Job has an NDA so I can’t spill any beans.

    I like pie, though.


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