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Sunday Recap

November 30, 2008
Yes, sewious business.

Yes, sewious business.

Sewious, indeed. Tomorrow is a non-working holiday here in the Philippines. The feeling of not having to work on a Monday is inexplicable; like uninhibited bliss with nougat, almonds, and truffles. Mmmmm Gud.

Another Sunday, another week blows away. While stuff at work has been very minimal, I’ve lost a lot of gym time because of the horrible 2 hour commute to and from the office.

– A lengthy thread at Warhammer Alliance informs Order dudes ‘Why they aren’t getting healed‘. Warrior Priests give good reason why heals don’t make it to comrades in need. We Warrior Priests might have a Witch Elf introducing stabby things into our kidneys, or are simply too far away. And maybe you’ve been an asshole before.

– Also in the WP section of WHA, it seems like people are confused on what the hammer-crazy class is about. We have dudes complaining about those that healbot and those that don’t.

– A 93,000-word project from work left me high and dry. Laptop proceeded to piss me further with choppy WAR gameplay. Detailed here.

Don’t get your panties in a wad! Seriously. Like, right now.

Remembering Tantra Online. Rose-tinted glasses on.

– PS3 got corrupted while playing Megaman 9. THAT’S HOW HARD THIS FUCKING GAME IS. Reformated the whole thing and all’s well. Problem is, I forgot my PSN password. Took a few tries, and now I have to re-download everything I purchased. orz

Emil Chronicle Online is hitting Philippine shores. Breaths are collectively held. Okay, not really.

Final Fantasy XIII didn’t betray fans. Sony did.

– Got my Herald’s Signet and the Level 35 cloak from the Heavy Metal live event. I may not get elite influence because of how laggy it gets in open RvR.

Finally, I got to play WAR on my brother’s decent rig – difference was night and day. Not much stuttering and sweet FPS during PvP. I thought I just sucked in scenarios, but when I played a lag-free Phoenix Gate, I was swinging hammers like the fist of the north star, oh yeah. Buying a new PC is tantamount to fully experiencing WAR.

Although it begs the question; why do I need to spend money to enjoy your game, Mythic? Wizards & Wenches also expresses mild discomfort over the performance issue.

Whatever the case, an upgrade has been a long time coming and I for one, welcome the new PC overlords.

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