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Warrior Priests and 1.0.6

December 2, 2008

And down she goes. As a lot of you might know, WAR’s Game Update 1.0.6 is hitting live servers today and comes with a massive list of changes; two herald pages, even. The boys and girls at Mythic sure have been busy.

As an objective and unbiased person, I immediately saw that there was nothing much that directly affected me or my Warrior Priest. I’m not letting any billy goats past my bridge! Speaking of which, Tobold encountered a wild troll while discussing WAR.

So what’s in 1.0.6? Only a few stuff really caught my eye and I’m not really a deep analysis type of guy. Warrior Priests are getting RF generation from books, Divine Assault is getting buffed, and other nifty stuff in general and other classes. A long list of solid stuff that doesn’t include tweaks to increase performance on lower end machines. *nudge nudge* Nothing to see here, move along.

Maybe they should also work on giving Empire females a buff in the cleavage department to attract Order players, eh?


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