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Facepalm Moments

December 4, 2008
Oh boy.

Oh boy.

The Big Bear Butt previously shared his encounters with the unsavory kind, highlighting how some d-bags can get under your skin and make you introduce your face to your palm. If you’ve had any experience with an MMO or played online multiplayer, you probably have an inkling as to what these facepalm moments are. Triple B called on fellow bloggers and individuals to share their experiences, so here I am a few weeks late with mine.

I’ve ran into my share of facepalms, more than I would’ve liked to. But when it comes to recalling them, nothing significant comes to mind. Only the anger remains, the RAGE of being in their presence. I can probably recount a few of these moments, none of them fondly remembered.

The most recent, perhaps, is one time at band camp the WAR Chapter 6 Public Quest Slayer’s Demise (or was it something else?), I was in a near-full warband and we were zerging through the Tier 2 PQs. We laid the smack down on the boss and when the dust settled, I got a Need/Greed/Pass window. It was a rare hammer, I’m not sure if it was a Blood-Soaked Battlehammer, a Blood-Soaked Sledge, or a Murderer’s Sledge, but it was a hammer and it was blue. I clicked on need and unsurprisingly, someone else won the need roll.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with that. You can’t always win rolls. The facepalm began when I inspected the winner – he was a Witch Hunter. I expressed my surprise in party chat and his reply sealed the deal.

“lol fuck off someone else got my roll last time”

And that makes it okay in what way? Facepalm accomplished. No healing for you, pilgrim.

In WoW, the only facepalm moment I can remember is one for myself. /facepalm

As a newbie Undead Warlock, Shadowfang Keep was my first instance. Joined by El‘s Undead Rogue and Rick‘s Tauren Warrior, we let an Undead Priest and a Blood Elf Rogue to complete the 5-man circus. Even before we entered, I want to facepalm myself so hard for not bringing ANY soul shards to summon the group. We also had trouble using the meeting stone (ohhh two people). Our group got wiped twice or thrice because I kept spamming Rain of Fire. I also needed on stuff that… I didn’t really need.

The Priest rightfully called me a noob. Captain Picard would’ve had a field day. If in case you read this, I’m sorry I needed on your AGI cloak. Really.

In local MMOs, facepalm moments are more severe, likely because the population is saturated with less than pleasing individuals. If I wanted to list them all here, I’d go over the WordPress limit. On assholes.

Seriously. Dudes who beg all day and fuck with you if you don’t. Female avatars get harassed and hit on at every opportunity. General chat filled with mindless profanities and ghetto trash-talking. Kill stealing, camping, scamming, path blockers, bad sports, and the like. It’s like any MMO community. But with more ass.

Oh yeah, asking everyone “PINOY?” in an international MMORPG – always a facepalm. (‘Pinoy’ is a slang for Filipino)

Now hold on, put your bolos and balisongs back in the closet. Not all Filipinos are like this and we’re very nice, happy, and funny people. See: HappySlip

And that’s about it for facepalms. We all have our moments. What’s yours?

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  1. Skullpion permalink
    December 8, 2008 12:22 pm

    AHAHAHAHA I remember that!! But it’s kind of more tolerable dealing with real newbies in easy instances like SFK rather than level 80 noobs in Utgarde Keep y’know?

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