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A Confession

December 16, 2008

I’ve contracted altitis. Or became an altoholic, whatever you want to call it. My newfound ability to play WAR without extreme FPS problems (thank you Mythic) has allowed me to spawn quite a few alts, all ready and willing to cater to my deviant desires. A Warhammer Alliance thread about spending a day in someone else’s shoes may be one of the causes.

After a long 6-day work week, my Sunday was dedicated to unwinding and WAR. All that pent up laziness just poured out of me like a big slop of shaving cream on the bathroom floor. I am a staunch supporter of rewarding effort, and by god, I guaran-damn-tee I’m rewarding myself with 8 hours of quality playtime.

Supersets day – Okay, scratch 2 off that.

Staying true to commandment one, I roll with Cecillia who I last left in Wolfenburg and did some of her quests while trying a couple of scenarios. I’m not sure what happened, but she was Unstoppable (what, no Unstoppable at WarDB?) in Phoenix Gate and Mourkain’s Temple (Stonetroll Crossing wouldn’t pop, the bitch). It was a lot of face-bashing and Rampaging Siphon (sweet, sweet skill). Wrath was not as bad as people say in the WHA forums. Black Guards didn’t really seem to pose much of a threat to her, maybe it’s just like that in T2 or the better players were asleep. Squig Herders are a different story. Damn machine gun arrows.

Mathilde and the nudies.

Mathilde and the nudies.

The symptoms of altitis kicked in and prompted me to come up with Mathilde, a really funky Bright Wizard. I gave her a singed eye, an outrageous updo, and tattoos that all the preppy Bright Wizard College students have. While not the most robust system, WAR’s character creation gives enough variation to satisfy my aesthetics. Since armor at the low ranks do squat, Mathilde does away with clothing and goes commando. It’s interesting to note that for a wizened Bright scholar, Mathilde sure has the curves.

Since I pretty much know what happens in Empire T1 PvE, I put my BW through a baptism of fire and queue for scenarios instantly. Here we go!

Entering the fray… Nordenwatch unavailable? Pfft, next.

Oh wow, my first Gates of Ekrund. It would be nice if it didn’t end after 4 minutes of lag. I guess Khaine’s Embrace will have to do.

From what I can tell up to Rank 5, you just simply Ignite things and make them go boom while trying not to do the same for yourself. I’m not saying it’s EZ mode, but the play style isn’t as varied as a WP. In between scenarios, I joined a few other nudies to finish the Ravenhost PQ in T1. Having my fill of toasty BW goodness, I park Mathilde at the select screen and continue the alt assault.

Because I’m fond of healers and female avatars, I pick an Archmage and named her Arilanna. I wonder if anyone still remembers that name from Lineage II SEA? I’ve already familiarized myself with the Blighted Isle with my old White Lion, Ainoa and Shadow Warrior, Aesilnor so questing was a breeze.

What? All my character names start with ‘A’? I like that letter.

My girlfriend and I created Arilanna in our Lineage II story. She’s a major character and takes a special place in my heart. Creating her in WAR took me a while, making sure her eyes didn’t look like Paris and giving her an elegant aura. No scars for her, no. Arilanna is going to be a graceful High Elf that exhudes class and breeding.

After logging in, I stripped her down to her skivvies to get the Show Off title and other nude tome unlocks. One White Lion informed my Archmage of his disgust by engaging CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL and saying “PUT SOMETHING ON.” Shit was SO cash.

Playing Arilanna was awesome. Archmages are like ranged Warrior Priests, only without the limited RF and with EYE BEAMS. I knew AMs were healers but I didn’t know they could be awesome DPS, as well. In a few Khaine’s Embrace rounds, I got the bestiary unlock for Killing 25 Black Guards and killing 100 players in RvR – at Rank 4. Arilanna was drunk on the blood of her enemies and kept the eye beams flowing. She might just give Cecillia a run for her money.

It wouldn’t be fair to roll alts purely on Order. In Ostermark, I have a few Dark Elf chicks that need some love. Do not fret, my pretties – your reckoning will come.

Learning about how other archetypes work might just make me a better player. It might help me understand the pros and cons of my group, or how deadly my opponents can be. It also slows down Cecillia’s progress, but I’m not in a rush.

Open RvR is still a no go at the moment and I’m missing out on a lot of swag. How muc ORvR influence do I need for this? Dont at Blame the Healer has an eye for these stuff.

I’ve also joined a new guild – Ironclaw’s Twisted Sisters. They’re a casual-friendly all-female avatar guild. Thanks for the invite, sisters! Hit Luscious up on Ironclaw if you’re looking for gals to hang out with.

My boss is looking at me funny. Later.

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  1. December 17, 2008 2:34 am

    Great! now all you have to do is roll some Destro Alts on Monolith!!!

  2. December 17, 2008 9:43 am

    Hey, maybe I will. How’s the population there?


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