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Awesome Moments

December 17, 2008

Keh, it’s getting real chilly here in Manila. Nothing Northrend, but enough to keep me indoors early, wrapped up in a blanket, sipping Swiss Miss with a couple hours of free time. Time to catch up on Renown with Cecillia.

Along with my recent bout of altoholism, I joined the Twisted Sisters guild. They’re a mighty friendly bunch and don’t mind me being a weekend warrior. Last night in alliance chat, Treasure from Aurora Australis was looking for one more to fill a spot for a group scenario. What happened next was the best Phoenix Gate Cecillia’s ever been in. It was also suprisingly, my first group scenario.

The scenario popped and we clashed against the enemy just near the bridge. Destro heads were being busted left and right as we moved and cleaned house at the flag area. Marauders and Black Guards didn’t stand a chance as the Knights charged while I followed suit with my trusty hammer. Heal here, smack there, hit that, smash this – lovely mayhem. What’s more, whenever Rampaging Siphon was ready, I unloaded it in the nearest crowd to watch the numbers fly by (I heart WSCT). One particularly awesome moment was when we pushed hard and had them at the spawn point. Cecillia slowed people down with Weight of Guilt and hit ridiculously hard with Castigation and Divine Assault. She took down a few Disciples and a Black Orc as one of ours made with the flag, sealing the deal. I was contributing to the cause and was having a bloody good time with the folks from the alliance. We won the scenario and I was proud of my numbers. I only wonder if it was as awesome for the others.

Probably just another Tuesday to them. Still.

The Oceanic servers went down after that. I wanted more. While the fun was cut short, it definitely left a mark on me. These define your experiences in whatever online world you choose to live in and make you go “ah, those were the days.”

I’ve probably got a few more awesome moments, but I’ll keep them as ammo when I’m shooting blanks. Care to share yours?

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