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Warrior Priest Thoughts

December 18, 2008
You know what time it is.

You know what time it is.

Ever wondered what other people think about Warrior Priests? BeAsBadAsAzbadazBe (awesome name, brah) from the Warhammer Alliance forums compiled the responses from the One Sentence Class Review thread and put all the WP reviews here. It’s quite a list and the comments are… interesting, to say the least:

AM – Warrior Priest: Theese guys look like they’re really dishing it out while being very hard to kill.
Cho – Warrior Priest: Horribly effective class with ample tanking abilities and good healing abilities as well, my nightmare.
Mag/Squiggy – Warrior Priest: Impossible to kill, wait for a few more allies to show up so we can focus fire him down
Anon – Warrior Priest – Easy Pickings
SW – Warrior Priest: awsome class, great main assist they stay alive for ages.
SM – Warrior Priest: Heal me god damn it.
Played all healers – WP: First to be targeted, and unless help arrives quickly, the first to die
Eng – Warrior Priest: They are almost always in the front line, so how could I know what they are doing?
WE – Warrior Priest: You have a great class, just don’t be so gung-ho when you’re solo, cause I can still debuff you to kingdom come.
WE – Warrior Priest: Too overconfident most of the time, you are the easiest healer to kill by far because of it.
Plays Healers – Warrior Priest: Seem pretty tough, but always ALWAYS seem to think they can take the world on.
DoK – Warrior Priest: I wait until 3 other people are beating on you
Eng – WP: Good melee/healer hybrid
WP – Warrior Priest: People either overestimate us or underestimate us. P.S. We need heals too sometimes as HoT’s aren’t amazing.
Blork – Warrior Priest: Surprisingly good class.
WE – Warrior Priest: I see them every now and then. When they are on my team, they accomplish nothing. When they are on the opposite team, I see them accomplish a little. Never healing. I dunno why they call them priests.
SM – Warrior Priest: IMO the coolest looking class on Order, sucks the one in the trailer died
SM – Warrior Priest: I didn’t realize your heals had a self-only tag on them.
Anon – WarriorPriest: Can take a beating while dishing one out. Can also heal very well if needed.
DoK – Warrior Priest: Hope you packed sandwiches and coffee, ’cause we’ll be fighting for a long, long time…

Read the full review here

From what I gather, there is still a great misunderstanding of the Warrior Priest class and its mechanic. We need to DPS in order to heal – that’s how Righteous Fury works, sillyheads.

Other than that, the concensus is that us hammer brothers and sisters are tough SOBs that hit hard and take a beating before going down in a blaze of bible-thumping. That, and Witch Elves love eating us out.

I mean TAKING us out. Drat. Now I’m hot AND bothered.

As the ultimate compliment, some even think WPs and DoKs are OP! That made my day.

Seeing your own class from another point of view does have its benefits. You get a free checklist of what to do and what not to do.

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  1. João Carlos permalink
    December 18, 2008 11:15 pm

    I am playing a knight, so my advice:

    I understand you need cause dps for heal, but you too need understand you aren’t REAL tanks. Your defense is the second better… to all tanks. Any tank class will have better armor than you. And too more wounds and toughness.

    Look, as a Knight of the Blazing Sun I gain gear that give me more strenght or gear that give me more toughness. Toughness and strenght are teh most important stats for a KotBS. I am going all for toughness, it is the gear I am choicing and geting some wounds when possible. Because I don’t have doubts that if I try be a dps, I will be the second best, but only the second best. But if I try to be a tank, I really can be the best.

    I never played a warrior priest, but I doubt your gear give you better armor or more wounds or more toughnessthan any tank gear. So, if you need to make dps for heal, please, do’nt try to be the tank.

    Let the tank go ahead you. Let the tank get the agro from the mobs. You know, we have taunt for that.

    Let us hit the destro first. Don’t go ahead us for hit the destro first, it is OUR work hit the destro first. While the destro have their hands full with us tanks, you can get near and hit them for gain heals.

    But, most important, HEAL US!

  2. December 19, 2008 3:40 pm

    Thanks for the advice, João.

    I don’t remember saying I want to top tanking/DPS charts, though 😛 What the Warrior Priests are saying that we sometimes need to DPS to heal. And we can’t ALWAYS be there to heal.

    Sometimes we need to heal ourselves, too. I mean, if we’re dead, what heals can you get?

  3. João Carlos permalink
    December 20, 2008 12:23 am

    Look, there are too many WP that think they are tanks.

    Yesterday I found one. I grouped with a WP same rank than me, 24, for complete pq. He said he can tank too. So, I decided to show him what is a true tank. Five mobs each time, non stop. He said that he wasn’t using his heals for mantain me, only his auras. When I do pq without a tank, I can take 4 or 5 mobs each time, but I need rest between fights for regain hp. With a healer is faster, non stop carnage.

    The problem is that because the only tanks Order had were from the wrong races (dwarfs and elfs), our side never had a good number of tanks and WP had to try it. Sadly, now you think that you WP are tanks…

    WP can survive to more hits than other healers, but that don’t make you be tanks. And there are a good number of WP that really think they are tanks. Everyone see it each day, each PvE, each battle against destro. And a WP said me yesterday, “I can tank too”. D’oh!

    Look, at PvP, the first thing you need to do is look where are the tanks. It is easy, the tanks are that knights with plumes at the helm, the dwarfs with axes and the elfs with long dress. They will run like mad for the front line, it is their job.

    Run behind the tanks, NEVER ahead them. The tanks have all that armor, so they don’t run fast, it si easy to run ahead them, but DON’T. Let them fight the destro first and get all attention from the enemy. Then you engage.

    Remember, it is important, target the tanks. Heal them. If you have any heal extra, use them at the dps, but the heals need go mostly for the tanks. If the tank line broke, everyone is done, the healers and the dps, because healers (including WP) and dps don’t have armor, wounds and toughness for survive to many hits.

    If you follow that advices, you will not die and you will continue to heal. Because if you die it is because you WP made something stupid like run ahead the tanks and be ganked by 5 destro. Something I see a lot.

    What you think the destro think when the destro see a WP running ahead a tank at battle? “Look, a dammed tank coming in my direction, better I run to other direction, I cannot kill that tough guy” or “Look, a healer runing ahead the tank, a priority target, let’s kill it”

    Maybe you think the “tought guy” is a joke, but one to one battle I normally kill destro that are 3 ranks above me. It happens a lot at sc. Everytime I find a destro lower level than me alone can be sure that guy will run like mad for try to escape me.

    And that includes that massive orc tanks. The combat will span for long minutes, both contenders end with low hp, but if a knight know how to use the auras it will kill the Black Orc.

    Look, I am not saying we knights are invencible. We are tought. There are ways for kill KotBS. I found a goblin one day that knew very well how to make the job. One to one, I was dead at the end and he only at 50% hp. I will not say here how the goblin made the job, because I don’t want to find too many destro killing me.

    Look, Warrior Priests aren’t tought. The destro know against who they are fighting. You can be sure they know you are a healer, and too an easy target, because your heals cannot mantain you alive forever.

  4. December 20, 2008 9:21 am

    Dude, chill. I get where you’re coming from. I think you misinterpreted my post. But thanks for the insight, I should keep that in mind. 🙂

  5. Volf permalink
    December 23, 2008 9:17 pm

    This thread made me smile…as I tank Champs 2 levels higher with my WP at PQs for fun, Heroes about 4 levels lower 🙂 I will admit we don’t have quite the armor/toughness as a tank so we do better against a single mob like a champ than against 5 or 6 normal mobs at a time but 3 or 4 is doable pretty easy. (I focus on Toughness/Wounds/Str gear)

    Also, I stay behind the tanks unless I think they are not pressing an attack, in that case I suicide run into the destro sorcs/healers and drop a siphon. It often has the desired effect in making alot of destro turn around and focus on me which wakes up the front line and they will actually push in then. I don’t know…maybe they’d have pushed anyway and I just need more patience…hehe.

  6. Volf permalink
    December 23, 2008 9:20 pm

    Hrm…Hero/Champs instead of Tanking…should read solo. If there is a tank at a PQ I let them do the tanking but have tanked the hero(same level roughly) in the absence of a true tank if there was at least one other healer to help keep me alive.

  7. João Carlos permalink
    December 29, 2008 10:17 pm

    The strange thing is that the site
    just concludes that RP don’t heal because they don’t want to heal others.

    “In Tier 4, a healer specced WP/DoK has at least 500 Willpower. That means +100 Healing DPS. Their group heal heals for 540 with maxed mastery + three times the Healing DPS. That equals 840. In an optimal case, each party member is below 100% health. That means 6*840=5040 healing every three seconds. That gives 1680 healing per second, only from party heals. Now cast some other heals while the party heal is recharging, and you have over nine two thousand HPS (not to mention critical heals and other bonuses). Because of the insane “mana” regeneration from offhand items (chalices and tomes), WPs and DoKs will never have to go to the frontlines to build RF/SE. If they somehow run out of it, Supplication / Blood Offering is still there so they can continue the healing within seconds.

    Conclusion: WPs/DoKs can be powerful healers if they want to. (Usually, they don’t.)”

    Look, you are the only healers at game. The tanks and dps cannot heal. You aren’t tanks and you aren’t dps. And I read the posts here that show you continue to illude yourselves that you are tanks or dps.

    You are healers. If you want play a dps or tank, make other character taht is tank or dps.

    If you RP aren’t healing, you are playing your class wrong. You are not playing for the team.


  8. Sir Lemming permalink
    December 31, 2008 7:15 am

    Oh… come on… Warrior Priest… Yeah, we can stand in the back and play heal bot… but who really wants to? Yeah, if needed, I stick to it too. But… My BEST heal is easily the Divine Assault… (My spec is salv, not grace) Thats an attack ‘spell’… lasts for 3 secs, delivers 4 blows. The heal target gets 350% of the damage done as health.

    Usually tanks do not notice our heal since its not visible. We just fight alongside… But While destro concentrates on you, i just hit some med/light armor guys with Divine Assault… and usually a tank or healer gets the hp. You dont even have to be in line of sight! I just hit a straggler and you get hp for it. 🙂

    And thats for the Salvation (single target heal) spec. Grace is another kind of heal spec. It has bonus to Divine Strike. It heals the 100% of damage done with it to everyone within a certain range… Its just… great sometimes.

    A Warrior Priest is a HYBRID class. And i chose it to play hybrid… heal, and melee… If you want massive heals just ask a Rune Priest. I just trown my hots on the tanks and pray to heal enough with divine assault. Thats the only direct, and “massive” heal…


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