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Bloggers of the Age

January 11, 2009

It’s been a week since the horn was sounded – who has answered the call so far? The Age of Blogging is upon us the ranks are being filled with eager young men, sharing their tales of money management, altoholism, and… lollipops?

The new recruits talk about WAR through different sets of eyes, hands, and tentacles (ooh). How about taking a look at some of them?

Cabal of WAR
Asuryan’s Flames
Alt Much
Grumble and Mutter
From the Forging of Fire and Ice
The Rant
WAR! For Casual
The Tome of Gonna
In the XOne
Schlotzky’s Game Blog
The Grumblings of Gorebash
Warhammer Online Addons Reviewed
Cry Moar Noob
One Side of the Fence
Rainbow MMO
Sneaky Gits
Bow & Stab
Epic Slant
WAR Roleplaying For Dummies (And Zealots)
Shadow WAR
Laughing Lion Tavern
High on Chaos

I should probably follow my own advice and read through them. I’m positive that I missed some of the newer ones, too.

Why not start a blog now? If you’ve got an opinion about Warhammer Online, we want you! Visit Blog Warhammer for more details.

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