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Cecillia’s Warrior Priest Wrath Spec

January 14, 2009

My love for the Warrior Priest class has not waned in the very least after ~3 months. Sure, the limited time I spend actually playing may play a part in that, but you can’t fault me for subscribing to the idea of hamma-swingin’ and healing. Believe me, I love Warrior Priests.

Before anything, let me tell you beforehand that I have absolutely no experience in T3, T4, and the endgame or what skills do what. That being said, I was fiddling with WarDB‘s Career Builder to plan out Cecillia’s mastery tree with a hint of wishful thinking. For now, level 40 is a dream. While choosing skills, tactics, and morale abilities, I just based it on how neat they sound. Kinda like reading the Nutrition Facts on food packages.

Feel free to roast me for choosing this over that, etc.

Cecillia’s Warrior Priest Wrath Spec (WarDB Career Builder)

Warrior Priest Wrath Spec

Click to enlarge

It’s heavy into Wrath and a bit of Grace for good measure. While the Wrath tree isn’t stellar, it would be interesting for me to see how much pain a maniacal one-eyed blondie can dish out. Maybe something like this awesome Wrath Warrior Priest video?

For those in the audience with a wider understanding of Wrath Warrior Priests, do comment. How would you spec a deep Wrath WP?

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  1. Ravza permalink
    January 14, 2009 11:19 pm

    Your wrath spec needs a little work. Drop soulfire and guilty soul. Feel free to spec into absence of faith but get rid of divine amazement.

    You should be getting sigmars vision due to its damage potential. The tactics you should be running at least are divine fury, fanatacism, and hastened divinity. The 4th one is optional but Greave of Sigmar is the best for all around DPS.

    As for your morales penance is absolutely useless. Not all of the hits actually hit the target all the time. It seems a little buggy and not worth it.

    A good build is

    You do sort of have two points in Wrath doing very little there but it maximises your Wrath baseline damage and nothing else is worth getting anyway. Personally I don’t even get absence of faith and chuck the point in Grace.

  2. January 15, 2009 1:57 pm

    Thanks for the advice. Now all I need to actually get to 40.

  3. flintlocks permalink
    January 29, 2009 11:14 am

    Looks pretty good to me as far as Wrath goes. I’m tempted to say you’re a little too deep in it but the morale4 is truly fantastic since they changed it.

    Do be prepared to get a lot of flak for being Wrath, though. I don’t know about your server, but on mine Order needs every healer we can get and with books and Salvation being as amazing as they are right now, there’s a very convincing argument to be made for speccing that way.

    If I did change anything, I’d probably invest less in tactics and maybe drop Soulfire. WPs already have so many amazing tactics that I’m almost jealous, and you need every point you can get when speccing a mastery.

    Guilty Soul, for starters, is pretty weak – 303 damage over 9 seconds is almost nothing, and will probably overwrite itself before it bleeds to completion anyway. The heal portion even moreso lackluster.

    Soulfire I’ve heard got taken off intellect and made strength-based for damage (thank god), but a Wrath WP is going to be on the front lines often and a 2 second cast sounds risky, even if it’s AE damage. I’d have to play with it myself to pass judgment, but my gut tells me that I’d rather do damage and heal at the same time with something like Divine Strike or Sigmar’s Radiance.

    Which brings me to the next thing I’d swap around – more points in Grace! I think you’re smart to be choosing that as a secondary over Salvation, because you’ll probably be going for a lot of strength and have great potential (crits + melee damage-based heals = win) there, but dropping a few more points is affordable and the parry from Sigmar’s Vision will increase your survivability and your mates. It also synergizes well with the nifty Exalted Defenses talent (which procs off dodge/parry/disrupt).

    TL;DR version: something like this


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