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Return on Investment

January 22, 2009


While the title would look more at home at In the Xone with all his financial advice, my eight-day writing drought has a lot to do with investing.

Time, that is.

As a metrosexual working professional, time is something I don’t have much of. If I’m not at work, I’m at the gym, the salon, or shopping. That leaves the wee hours in the night for gaming – hours when I’m usually either sleepy, hungry or promiscuous.

Sometimes all three at once.

What are you getting at, bro?

What I’m saying is that because of how occupied I am, the amount of time I’ve put into WAR is a paltry 2 days. 48 hours in a span of 3 months. And that’s the total for all my alts combined.

I’ve invested all of 2 days in WAR and for how much I enjoy the game, I’m a bit ashamed. I’m missing out on tier 3 and 4. I’ve only been in 1 keep siege. I’ve never been in an organized premade scenario. I haven’t set foot on any dungeon. You can probably say that I’m not playing WAR the way it should be.

Return on investment.

A casual reaping what he sowed. Because I didn’t put enough time into it, my progress is stunted. Bros come and go, passing Cecillia by as she stays in the same map, playing the same scenarios at short, odd times. It’s like I’m on a single player game with the occasional region chat. I can’t complain – it’s how MMORPGs work, anyway.

You’d think that’d be enough to get a bro down.

With what little smidgen I get, I enjoy. I find even the smallest triumphs in WAR to be fulfilling. If my heals somehow help the group, I’m a happy camper. Heck, just give me some Destro nails and I’ll hammer ’em all down! Provided that they don’t kick my face in first. Even then I can have fun keeping an Ironbreaker alive with Divine Assault. I just can’t stress enough how much I love my Warrior Priest.

And her sexy eyepatch.

Too sexy.

Dual wielding guns.

So really, I’m not getting ripped off by the bros at Mythic. They gave me a good solid game that can be enjoyed on all fronts. I’m not missing out.

Okay, maybe I am on packages with hair products but I’m not hard to please. For real.

Warhammer Online caters to my love of lore, PvP, sexy elves, and hammers. I can take small bites or swallow it whole.

No, I wasn’t implying Sigmar’s sausages.

Low return on investment? Probably. Worthwhile in the long term? Absolutely. Shit was SO cash, bro.

I finally get free time and what do I do? I mull and write an entry for 2 hours. Pfft.

*Photo by jenn_jenn on Flickr.

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  1. January 25, 2009 11:30 am

    LOL! I know what you mean bro! I’ve made it to near end game and I feel like when I log on I have to spend hours b/c of dungeon crawls or Fortress raids. RL has been kicking my arse and I haven’t played in about a solid week, week and a half. I’m still subscribed and plan to be for awhile. I love the game and what it has to offer; unfortunately I can only take it in doses at this point. If you find value in it the game then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with staying subscribed. In fact I’ve started a new MMO venture with a free to play called Runes of Magic. First, because I can log on for short spurts and feel like I’ve accomplished something (it’s fresh and I’m low level). Second, I have no commitments in the game as of yet.

    Speaking of commitment …

  2. ixobelle permalink
    January 26, 2009 10:25 am

    the eyepatch…

    there’s a De La Soul track off an album called Buhloone Mindstate (“balloon mindstate”… inflated heads, etc). I’m going to torrent it and host that one track here, in honor of Cecillia. If the link doesn’t work yet, it’s still uploading.


    [audio src="" /]


    (that’s a eyepatch smiley face, btw)

  3. ixobelle permalink
    January 26, 2009 10:32 am

    lol, just listened to it, and realized… it’s the most random track… taken as a whole he entire album is awesome, but if you never heard it, and took that one track, it might seem a bit odd šŸ˜›

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