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Information Overload

February 8, 2009

How anyone was able to keep up with the WAR news last week is beyond me. How could I ever absorb all that while doing the 9-5 grind?

Thank Sigmar for dilligent, well-informed, and organized people. Thank Sigmar for the internet.

– You can’t go wrong with the Herald. Can’t get straighter than the horse’s mouth.

– The Warhammer Alliance keeps tabs on the WARfront, peppering us with news and snippets from all things Mark Jacobs, William Shatner and Rosie O’Donnell.

– The pundits from the Age of Blogging, of course! January has come and gone but the blogs are here to stay. They’ve pretty much said whatever there is to say about the announcements and has kept my supposed work hours un-boring. Totally cash, bro. Girl IRL, Rainbow MMO, and Shadow WAR are just some of the fine blogs that I’ve been reading – go ahead and check out Blog Warhammer for more.

I spent yesterday playing, trying to get as much influence as I can for Night of Murder. Cecillia’s got up to basic rewards just by hunting Marked for Death targets in T1. Totally worthwhile rewards, better than Keg End if I think about it.

Filler post, because I’m burnt out on the 3 blogs I write for at work.

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