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Tank and Spank

February 23, 2009

WAR Teamplay Tidbits

Tidbit #2: Facing tough opposition? No worries, your countless Bastion Stair runs will serve you well in this situation.

When you’re out with friends and looking to hook up, you’re bound to run into a group of the opposite sex. Like any PUG or premade, groups in real life are made up of a mixture of classes. You’ve got promiscuous Witch Elves, demure Sorceresses, slightly weird Magi and of course, the Greenskin Cockblocker(tm) careers. What’s a bro gotta do?

Pull Cockblocker aggro and engage the chicks.

Pull Cockblocker aggro and engage the chicks.

Designate someone from the group to tank the orcish women while the rest of the group engages the squishies. Mmm, squishie in more than one way. The tank must have lots of stamina, unparalleled endurance and utmost tolerance for drink-spilling, noisy mates. Designated tankers are true heroes – full of confidence and charm. Don’t let his sacrifice be in vain – be cool and impress the ladies with your pointy hats.

WAR Teamplay Tidbits was inspired by the Herald’s original WAR Teamplay Guide. See Teamplay Tidbit 1.

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