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Information Overload

February 8, 2009

How anyone was able to keep up with the WAR news last week is beyond me. How could I ever absorb all that while doing the 9-5 grind?

Thank Sigmar for dilligent, well-informed, and organized people. Thank Sigmar for the internet.

– You can’t go wrong with the Herald. Can’t get straighter than the horse’s mouth.

– The Warhammer Alliance keeps tabs on the WARfront, peppering us with news and snippets from all things Mark Jacobs, William Shatner and Rosie O’Donnell.

– The pundits from the Age of Blogging, of course! January has come and gone but the blogs are here to stay. They’ve pretty much said whatever there is to say about the announcements and has kept my supposed work hours un-boring. Totally cash, bro. Girl IRL, Rainbow MMO, and Shadow WAR are just some of the fine blogs that I’ve been reading – go ahead and check out Blog Warhammer for more.

I spent yesterday playing, trying to get as much influence as I can for Night of Murder. Cecillia’s got up to basic rewards just by hunting Marked for Death targets in T1. Totally worthwhile rewards, better than Keg End if I think about it.

Filler post, because I’m burnt out on the 3 blogs I write for at work.


WAR of Fortune

January 28, 2009
Tell him what he won, Vanna!

Tell him what he won, Vanna!

We previously touched on pig grease and bloody valentines, all netting positive responses from the Warhammer Online community. As of writing, there are eight Valentine cards that bloggers have uncovered, each with a corresponding number and letter. Numbered from 1-13, the mysterious letters, so far, are as follows:

  1. ?
  2. T
  3. ?
  4. I
  5. ?
  6. T
  7. N
  8. ?
  9. V
  10. E
  11. R
  12. A
  13. ?

It spells out something that doesn’t quite make sense:

_ T _ I _ T N _ V E R A _

The sadistic Wheel of Fortune puzzle is most likely jumbled. It does seem to have the word ‘Valentine’ in it, given that it is a Valentine’s Day event. But who knows?

Update: Regis is all set and stylish with his tinfoil hat and conspiracy theories. The ‘E’ could also be an ‘L’, he says. Is this another mind game or just a case of bad handwriting?

Pig Grease and My Bloody Valentine

January 27, 2009
Graisse de Porc

Graisse de Porc

It’s a slow day at the office; perfect for catching up with all the new blogs from the Age of Blogging. The Warhammer Online community is ablaze with news of hair products, Schwarzenegger DVDs and bloody valentine cards. The bros at Mythic have been sending packages to bloggers, having them solve a riddle and get the word out. If we were to talk about money well-spent, Mythic certainly has the PR dudes earning their keep.

Update 1/27 9:18PM GMT +8: There are other cards at Rainbow MMO and Epic Slant. The plot thickens.

Update 1/28 4:35PM GMT +8: LagWar and Stylish Corpse receive their bloody valentines. The suspense is killing me!

Update 1/28 5:10PM GMT +8: A random envelope arrives at /Random.

The first two packages strongly hint at the upcoming Dwarf Slayer and Greenskin Choppa – badass melee classes that smelt of Garnier Nutrisse and Austrian testosterone respectively. Solid careers, but not really my thing.

Okay, the thought of orange mohawks and pig grease-styling is kinda amusing.

With the positive response from these marketing stunts, now we have Valentine cards. There are at least 13 and 3 7 8 of those have been sent to Keen & Graev, Asuryan’s Flames, Rainbow MMO, Epic Slant, LagWar, Stylish Corpse, Werit, and /Random. The cards contain poems, bloody splatters and black kisses – reminds me of my last ex-girlfriend.

What could these cards signify? Regis over at Wizards & Wenches thinks that it could be a portent for Death Night (not Death Knights, nimrod), a Dark Elf ritual chock-full of murder, sacrifice and Druchii lesbian orgies.

Okay, I made the last one up.

Nice mental image, though.

The whole thing is still a mystery. Somewhere, a mailman is holding one of ten six five remaining pieces of the puzzle; a key to the twisted awesome mind of Paul Barnett and his crafty marketing department. Gotta love these kinda events.

Much love. Now if you could just send one of those brand name pig grease products my way.

Thanks to Regis for the image

Return on Investment

January 22, 2009


While the title would look more at home at In the Xone with all his financial advice, my eight-day writing drought has a lot to do with investing.

Time, that is.

As a metrosexual working professional, time is something I don’t have much of. If I’m not at work, I’m at the gym, the salon, or shopping. That leaves the wee hours in the night for gaming – hours when I’m usually either sleepy, hungry or promiscuous.

Sometimes all three at once.

What are you getting at, bro?

What I’m saying is that because of how occupied I am, the amount of time I’ve put into WAR is a paltry 2 days. 48 hours in a span of 3 months. And that’s the total for all my alts combined.

I’ve invested all of 2 days in WAR and for how much I enjoy the game, I’m a bit ashamed. I’m missing out on tier 3 and 4. I’ve only been in 1 keep siege. I’ve never been in an organized premade scenario. I haven’t set foot on any dungeon. You can probably say that I’m not playing WAR the way it should be.

Return on investment.

A casual reaping what he sowed. Because I didn’t put enough time into it, my progress is stunted. Bros come and go, passing Cecillia by as she stays in the same map, playing the same scenarios at short, odd times. It’s like I’m on a single player game with the occasional region chat. I can’t complain – it’s how MMORPGs work, anyway.

You’d think that’d be enough to get a bro down.

With what little smidgen I get, I enjoy. I find even the smallest triumphs in WAR to be fulfilling. If my heals somehow help the group, I’m a happy camper. Heck, just give me some Destro nails and I’ll hammer ’em all down! Provided that they don’t kick my face in first. Even then I can have fun keeping an Ironbreaker alive with Divine Assault. I just can’t stress enough how much I love my Warrior Priest.

And her sexy eyepatch.

Too sexy.

Dual wielding guns.

So really, I’m not getting ripped off by the bros at Mythic. They gave me a good solid game that can be enjoyed on all fronts. I’m not missing out.

Okay, maybe I am on packages with hair products but I’m not hard to please. For real.

Warhammer Online caters to my love of lore, PvP, sexy elves, and hammers. I can take small bites or swallow it whole.

No, I wasn’t implying Sigmar’s sausages.

Low return on investment? Probably. Worthwhile in the long term? Absolutely. Shit was SO cash, bro.

I finally get free time and what do I do? I mull and write an entry for 2 hours. Pfft.

*Photo by jenn_jenn on Flickr.

Cecillia’s Warrior Priest Wrath Spec

January 14, 2009

My love for the Warrior Priest class has not waned in the very least after ~3 months. Sure, the limited time I spend actually playing may play a part in that, but you can’t fault me for subscribing to the idea of hamma-swingin’ and healing. Believe me, I love Warrior Priests.

Before anything, let me tell you beforehand that I have absolutely no experience in T3, T4, and the endgame or what skills do what. That being said, I was fiddling with WarDB‘s Career Builder to plan out Cecillia’s mastery tree with a hint of wishful thinking. For now, level 40 is a dream. While choosing skills, tactics, and morale abilities, I just based it on how neat they sound. Kinda like reading the Nutrition Facts on food packages.

Feel free to roast me for choosing this over that, etc.

Cecillia’s Warrior Priest Wrath Spec (WarDB Career Builder)

Warrior Priest Wrath Spec

Click to enlarge

It’s heavy into Wrath and a bit of Grace for good measure. While the Wrath tree isn’t stellar, it would be interesting for me to see how much pain a maniacal one-eyed blondie can dish out. Maybe something like this awesome Wrath Warrior Priest video?

For those in the audience with a wider understanding of Wrath Warrior Priests, do comment. How would you spec a deep Wrath WP?

Persona 4 Mini-review

January 11, 2009

Cross-posted by El from Fangirlisms.

So I got myself a copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 this month even though I haven’t finished Persona 3: FES yet (but I did finish Persona 3), and I have to say that it’s one hell of an addicting game. I’m a bit of a sucker for life/dating simulation games, and the Persona series definitely has elements of that in the games.

I’m happy that this game ironed-out a lot of the problematic areas of the previous game while still keeping to Persona 3‘s system. For example, it’s much easier to go to places around school and town with the use of the square button instead of having to run to specific places and/or talk to specific NPCs to go somewhere. Another wonderful addition is the “Direct Command” tactic, which enables players to directly control party members as opposed to P3′s tactics which just let players assign a general tactic and leave the AI system to come up with the appropriate action. Instead of having a huge-ass dorm building that served as the P3 characters’ home and headquarters, P4 has smaller spaces like the Dojima residence (a small-ish Japanese house that’s just right for three people to live in) and the food court at the Junes mall. The two sidequest systems (Margaret’s fusion requests and Inaba residents’ quests) are also fun to do, though I’m not big on the fusion because it seems too tedious to me. Fusion has also been improved with the new “Fusion Forecast” system wherein certain stat bonuses for Personae can be achieved when the requirements for that day are met.

Read more…

Bloggers of the Age

January 11, 2009

It’s been a week since the horn was sounded – who has answered the call so far? The Age of Blogging is upon us the ranks are being filled with eager young men, sharing their tales of money management, altoholism, and… lollipops?

The new recruits talk about WAR through different sets of eyes, hands, and tentacles (ooh). How about taking a look at some of them?

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I should probably follow my own advice and read through them. I’m positive that I missed some of the newer ones, too.

Why not start a blog now? If you’ve got an opinion about Warhammer Online, we want you! Visit Blog Warhammer for more details.